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I graduated with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 2009 from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. During my four years there, I was fortunate to receive internships at both Boston University’s Behavioral Medicine program as well as the Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center. Both experiences provided me with rich exposure to mental illness and helped shaped my interest in adult mental health.

Before starting Franklin Psychology, I worked for four years at Commonwealth Psychology Associates (CPA) in downtown Boston. I still maintain close relationships with the providers I worked with and value their expertise. Before CPA, I spent three years at Plaza Psychology and Psychiatry, a group practice in Woonsocket Rhode Island serving a wide range of clients including those with significant hardships and disabilities.

Having spent nearly a decade working with group practice organizations I made the exciting decision to branch off and start my own business as a psychologist. I enjoy consulting with local providers and other mental health organizations and believe ‘it takes a village’ to get well. I look forward to working with residents of Franklin and surrounding towns as trusted source of support.

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9 Summer Street, #203. Franklin MA 02038


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