My Approach

I believe that a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors creates a combined effect on human functioning and illness. As such, my style is client centered and pulls from theories of CBT, mindfulness, and positive psychology. I believe trust is the foundation for a strong therapeutic relationship.

I encourage my clients to be level headed observers about themselves and their environment, and I’ll often provide concrete coping strategies for dealing with day to day stressors. What I especially enjoy, though, are the conversations with clients that go much deeper. These types of conversations may prompt feelings of guilt, shame, or fear because of their content but they can also provide an opportunity to learn more about oneself with greater insight. Many of my clients have commented that they enjoy my relateable and calm style which includes real-time feedback, attempts at humor, and gentle redirection when we get off topic.

When choosing a psychologist, it’s important that you trust the person and can imagine developing a relationship with them. Please call me to see if I am that right person for you.

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